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Reduce the time to start a new dictation

I Dictate many short recordings each day, each about 1-2 minutes long.

Each time I want to dictate a new recording I
1) Switch the iPhone on, slide to activate iOS.
2) Dictamus screen initially is the operating orientation
3) It then rotates the screen to speaker at bottom orientation (ie upside down to current phone position) then back immediately to operating orientation.
4) I then select a "New recording"
5) Dictamus displays the Details screen then appears to auto press "Play/Edit"
6) Dictation screen is displayed a greyed out Dictation screen for about 2 seconds
7) Dictation screen is displayed in active mode so dictation can actually start.
8) I dictate a letter
9) To end the letter I press "Details" on the Dictation screen then "Dictations" on the Details screen, Bringing up the Dictations screen ready for me to press "New dictation" for the next letter
10) I (soft) power off phone, and put the iPhone in my pocket till I need to dictate the next letter.

A. Steps 3, 5 and 6 serve no function useful to the user and just waste time. Can they be eliminated?

B. I never need to use the Details screen only step through it in step 5 and 9. Can it the "Dictation" screen link directly to the "Dictations" (not "Details" screen), perhaps as an option if others prefer to go via the details screen. And similarly have the "Dictations" screen link directly to the "Dictation" screen via "New Dictation" (without transiently showing the Details screen).

C. Can the new dictation set up (step 6) be done when I'm not waiting for it? While the phone is sitting in my pocket for 10 minutes between dictations would be good.

I hold the iPhone speaker upwards as suggested.
Currently using an iPhone 4 with current iOS.

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    Further information

    I send my dictation at the end of the day as it allows me to edit my dictation as is occasionally required and my typist works after hours so sending during my day is of no benefit.

    Another way of implementing the functionality I describe in B above would be to have a "Quickshare" option to "Save only"

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